Our Story

Slide1Boutique Chamber Players is a brand new, global aesthetic entertainment concept which seamlessly blends the beauty of art with music, heightening the audience’s experience with visual elegance and sophistication.

Featuring the world’s first blue, white and gold quartet sets, this unique musical project comprising of Quartette Bleu, Quartette Blanc and Quartette D’or, was inspired and spearheaded by our founder, acclaimed producer-violist/violinist, Han Oh, based on his personal experience as an actor-musician playing in a string quartet using blue instruments on the set of the hit US television sitcom, “How I Met Your Mother”.

Boutique Chamber Players is tremendously proud to have produced Quartette Bleu, Quartette Blanc and Quartette D’or, setting the stage to become Singapore and regional Asia’s most celebrated string quartet acts.

We are very  pleased to welcome PIEZO QUARTET – Singapore’s premier Electric String Quartet into the family of outstanding ensembles which are all produced by our Music Director, Han Oh, and  are solely managed under Boutique Chamber Players.