Arts Education Program ( National Arts Council )



PIEZO aims to introduce and inspire all string players, past or current, to this brand new platform and to inspire them to challenge their creative limits, be it playing their favorite pop-rock songs in a band or writing their very own innovative songs!


• To introduce a brand new genre of String Quartet performance on a all-electric pop/rock platform.
• To inspire students who have learnt string instruments to explore their creative potential on the popular music genre.
• To encourage and provide a whole new alternate perspective for students who have stopped playing their string instruments to continue playing through non-classical music.
• To attract students to learn string instruments and perform pop-rock music without the classical stigma.



“It was the first time the students have the opportunity to see electric string instruments and learn about the layering of music. PIEZO really had the school going with their covers of popular tunes, giving our students exposure to different ways of thinking about string instruments.”

–  Mr Xu Yang En, Crescent Girls’ School Arts Program Coordinator