Quartette Bleu


Visually stunning with its sheer beauty, Quartette Bleu carries a very interesting story behind its conceptualization.

Inspired by our Music Director’s appearance as an actor/musician playing on a prop instrument in an all-blue string quartet on the pilot season’s finale of the hit American TV series, “How I Met Your Mother”, Quartette Bleu brings to real life an acoustically beautiful string quartet that otherwise could have only existed in the fantasy world of film and television.

With a wide variety of repertoire that has been customized for the group, Quartette Bleu is highly-sought for its ability to add finesse and elegance, both in terms of visual and sonic beauty, to all kinds of events ranging from corporate functions to private soirees.

Quartette Bleu, as the world’s first and only blue string quartet, has also proved its popularity with wedding proposal performances as well as engagement parties. Its unique and gorgeous color is also a perfect choice as an attractive music centerpiece for events in the fashion couture industry.