Quartette D’or

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GOLD, with its aura of brilliance, has captivated all humankind as an object of sheer beauty while fueling an eternal desire since the dawn of time…”


Quartette D’or ,  the world’s first and only gold string quartet, has a very special place in the world as it embodies royal prestige, wealth, prosperity, elegance and sophistication.

Emanating a rich glow of luxury, Quartette D’or is string quartet at its finest, offering an impeccably crafted visual and aural appreciation of lush string music.

It is this incredible union of refinement and caliber that prominently distinguishes Quartette D’or as a highly favored “Ultra-Premium” string quartet.

Quartette D’or symbolizes the eternal pursuit of immeasurable honor and excellence, is perfectly suited for award ceremonies and special gala events that recognizes the pinnacle of personal achievements.

An elegant fusion of auspiciousness and romantic glamour, Quartette D’or is also great for wedding and corporate events looking to enhance prestige with the mind-blowing  “WOW” factor!