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Launched in 2011, PIEZO Quartet is Singapore’s premier professional ELECTRIC STRING QUARTET and the very first of its kind in Asia.

Acclaimed for its intensely emotional musicianship and highly electrifying artistry, PIEZO shatters musical boundaries through its plethoric sound creations on an all-electric strings platform, layered across multiple sound effects processors. The foursome performs all shows exclusively with its resident drummer.

Inspired by the technology that drives all electric musical instruments, the quartet named itself “PIEZO” with a mission to transform motion into electricity in all its musical endeavors.

Armed with a unique repertoire that includes original arrangements of chart-topping English and K-Pop hits, PIEZO offers a colorful sound spectrum that spans from beautiful electro-acoustic tones to dazzling effects-driven rock sounds.

Produced and led by the immense experience of internationally renowned violist, Han Oh, PIEZO embodies the best of a string quartet and a rock band— charming the hearts of audiences, and galvanising crowds into rockin’ out together with its sizzling performances.

In 2013, PIEZO was invited to perform in the hit original Singaporean musical “Glass Anatomy” by Toy Factory Productions with lead performer, Della Ding Dang. The quartet is proud to have spearheaded the use of an all-electric string section in the music and remains the first in regional asia (and possibly worldwide) that has accomplished the amazing feat.

PIEZO is truly honored to have toured  with the “Glass Anatomy” production to perform as the closing production at the 3rd Original Musical Festival 2014, organized by the prestigious Shanghai Culture Square (SCS) in Shanghai, China.

PIEZO was also invited to appear on Mediacorp‘s finale broadcast of “One Minute of Fame 2014” as guest performers on OKTO Channel.

With an impressive track record of major big-scale shows to its name, PIEZO is poised to become the hottest and most sensational live- performance feature act in Singapore and regional Asia!

PIEZO Quartet is proud to join the family of fellow superbly talented quartets which are exclusively managed and represented by Boutique Chamber Players.

For a more interactive experience, please visit us at: http://www.facebook.com/piezoquartet