Tour Band Support


All of our ensembles are available for hire to add both music and visual aesthetics for live shows such as pop-rock concerts, variety shows, award shows or any production looking to add grandeur and texture to their shows.. We can customize our set-up to suit any show requirements and can operate for shows both locally and regionally.

Quartette Blanc can even be further expanded into a standard 6-piece Pop Strings section for shows of a larger scale.

Standard acoustic string instrumental ensembles are also available for hire as well.

Led by the immense experience of our Music Director, Han Oh – former American Idol band member and former interim violist of the T’ang Quartet, prepare to be blown away by the perfect presentation of lush string tones and visual beauty!





Our most recent significant projects include:

– Michael Buble @ Marina Bay Sands Ballroom, Singapore

– Michael Buble @ Putra Indoor Stadium, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

– Kai & Quartette Bleu @ Esplanade Concourse, Singapore